About Us

The hotel was commissioned by Fred Maytag, founder of the Maytag Corporation, and opened its doors in 1926. He brought in architect Henry Raeder of Chicago to design it. Raeder was heavily influenced by another Chicago architect who made his mark on central Iowa, Louis Sullivan. Large windows, clean lines, and classical columns adorned with motifs of shields and garlands mark the Hotel Maytag as an exquisite example of this school of architecture.

The wine bar has a long history of hosting social gatherings. In its original incarnation as the Hotel Maytag’s cameo room, it was the dining destination for Newton’s social elite throughout the 1920s and ’30s and also hosted private parties. Fred Maytag was known to frequent the establishment.

Nostalgia Wine and Spirits now stands as a meeting place for all those who want to get away and enjoy a drink and some good conversation.